Thing 2 – Library/Web 2.0

I decided to watch the two videos for Learning about Learning 2.0, but the Stephen Abrams video is just his talking head, and I learn better with some other visuals :), so I watched the A Librarian’s 2.0 Manifesto video linked from a comment at the Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us video.

I guess what I take from all this is that Library/Web 2.0 means a willingness to try new things and to change – but not just for change’s sake. I’ve played with some of these 2.0 tools before, some for a long time, some just recently in a 23-Things-type program we’ve been doing at my own library. I like to try them out and then see if there are ways I can use them at work to make my job easier AND benefit our users.

I love, for example, the way blogs and wikis have made it possible for me to create my own “websites” without having to go through our university’s Web Services department or know a lot of code. It’s faster for me to scan and tag books in my collection in LibraryThing than it is to add genre and other information to the local notes in our ILS catalog.

Some things I’ve tried haven’t worked so well – I put Meebo widgits on the blog and wiki I created for a class I support, but the students weren’t using them. But hey, I tried, that’s what matters, and it may be that this or a different tool will work better later.

I guess 2.0 is an attitude more than anything else.


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