Thing 3 – Flickr

My husband and I have had Flickr accounts for a while. I like the sets feature, and we use our accounts primarily to upload and share large numbers of pictures – it’s easy to just send the link. For example, there’s a set in my account with photos of our house when we bought it three years ago, and a set in my husband’s account with photos of our cruise in November 2007.

I’m not willing to shell out the annual $25 fee for even one “pro” account, though. For one thing, we haven’t been on/to a big photo-taking trip/event since the cruise! If I have just a few photos to share, I either attach them to an e-mail and/or upload them to Facebook.

Plus, there are lots of other photo sharing sites out there. Picasa Web Albums are connected with Google, so if you have a Blogger or Gmail account, you have a Picasa account (and that’s where all the photos you upload to your Blogger blog wind up!). Here’s an album I put together recently with photos of my aunt, who will be celebrating 60 years as a nun next month. I needed to send the photos to someone in her town for a PowerPoint presentation, and it was easiest to scan the photos, upload them to this album, and send the link.

[Click the “Photo Sharing” tab above or this link to see how our library addressed Flickr and photo sharing in our 23 Things.]


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