Thing 5 – Image Generators

I’ve played with a few of these before, in my library’s 23-Things-like project (see here). Romance Novel Cover from Glass Giant was one of the first I played with, after my brother’s wedding in 2003. A fun one for librarians is John Blyberg’s old-style Catalog Card Generator.

One of the nice features of Motivator and Trading Card Maker, both from Big Huge Labs, is that they will easily allow you credit the source of your photo if you choose one from Flickr (you have to check the “Add credit to image” box with Motivator; Trading Card Maker automatically inserts the credit).

Here are some of the things I created with these four image generators in our library’s version of 23 Things.

Picnik is a relatively new discovery for me. Although you can use it as an image generator, I prefer to use it for its Photoshop-like qualities – cropping and correcting photos. As an example, I’ve been using it to create a digital file of a large number of art prints that were donated to my university. It’s not good for the prints to be handled a lot every time someone wants to see what we’ve got, so I photographed all of them. I took the photos at high resolution, but I need to modify the files by cropping, correcting, and resizing so they are small enough to attach to an e-mail or fit on a thumb drive. While I can’t show any of these copyrighted images here, suffice to say that Picnik makes it possible for me to do this work at slow times at the two reference desks I work at, and not just at my office computer which (besides home) is the only place a version of Photoshop is installed.

I was surprised to see Tabblo included in the North Texas 23’s list of image generators, because I think of it more as a photo display site than an image generator. Nevertheless, I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time, and North Texas 23 gave me an excuse:

[Click the “Online Image Generators” tab above or this link to see how our library addressed image generators in our 23 Things.]


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