Thing 8: Facebook

I first got on Facebook two years ago, supposedly for work.  I created a more-or-less professional profile (using my work location) to see if this would be a way to communicate with students at my university.

It hasn’t been.  I did have one student who added me as a friend after the children’s literature class I support finished that first summer.  I recently had two of our student workers add me as a friend after they saw pictures of me with my temporary “Librarians Rule” tattoo on my back (visible through a keyhole back) during National Library Week.  But that’s been it as far as students are concerned.  I’ve had a few coworkers from the beginning and have added a few more, but usually only when they initiate the request.

However, more recently I’ve been using Facebook for more personal reasons.  For one thing, it’s been a good way to communicate with my son, who has just finished his sophomore year in college and joined Facebook about the same time I did.  Sometimes it’s the easiest way to get hold of him, especially when using the chat feature.

I’ve also found that a number of my old friends in the Seattle area (where I lived for 21 years, until 2006) are also on Facebook, originally to keep in touch with THEIR college-age kids.  Now we find it’s a good way to keep in touch with each other.   It’s also been the best way to keep in touch with some of my 23 cousins, and even an 82-year-old aunt!

I try to be very careful about what I post on Facebook.  For one thing, I get tired of reading other peoples’ constant status updates of mundane activities.  WHO CARES if you are eating lunch, getting coffee, watching TV, etc.?  Gee, some people are so narcissistic!  I also get tired of all the stupid quizzes people do and post.  I do very few of those as I’m cautious about opening up my profile information to outside applications.

I am concerned about privacy and have implemented just about all of the advice discussed in these links.


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