Thing 10: Ning

After reading the ChartingStocks blog post about problems with Ning, I wasn’t sure I wanted to get any more involved with this Web 2.0 “tool” than I already was.  I created a Ning account late last year to join a network created by an online class I was following.  However, there’s been very little activity on that network since the class ended.

Unlike others, I didn’t have too much trouble finding possible new groups to join.  I did a search on “texas librarians” and found a number of relevant groups.  I joined North Texas Library Assessment because I recognized the name of the network creator and some other members, and because its topic, academic library assessment, seemed relevant to me.  We’ll see if anything comes of it.  I also joined Joyce Valenza’s TeacherLibrarianNing, which looks to be rather active.

Given the problems with Ning, and some concerns that Meredith Farkas raised in her blog about relying too much on even the “free” Web 2.0 tools, Ning is something I’m going to hold off on for a while, at least when it comes to setting up my own network.  I’ll see how things go with these new ones I’ve joined first.


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