Thing 14: Delicious

I signed up for a Delicious account (I’m riofriotex) about a year ago when two of my co-workers first presented about it, but I didn’t use it for much of anything. I didn’t like the interface – it had too much of a techie-geek feel to it, I thought.

But, I gave it another go for my library’s recent version of 23 Things, and I’m finding it especially handy to save bookmarks across the multiple computers I use (home, office, lower level reference desk and main floor reference desk). In the past, I would often e-mail the links to myself!

In reading about and playing around with it, I’ve found a few cool features. You can “send” someone else a bookmark by tagging it with “for:” and then the usernames of others in your network will pop up for you to choose from. I sent a co-worker an idea for a post to our library’s blog this way.

You can easily “AND” tags with a tag combination to narrow searches, and create “tag bundles” to do “OR” searches.

Looking at how others tag items might give you a search idea. I’ve used Delicious tags on “library” and “privacy” or “confidentiality” to find some resources for an recent training I did.

Delicious is also a great way to stick a bunch of links in a blog post. Look near the end of this post.

I can definitely see using Delicious for our library’s “Selected Internet Resources” pages in the future – it would be easier to update them, too.  And like Flickr, developers have come up with a number of third party tools to use with Delicious. One I am going to try is Fresh, a dead link/bookmark checker.


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