Thing 15: Digg

I gave social news site Digg a try and I’m not real impressed.  Luckily it was easy to set up an account just by linking to Facebook, since I didn’t want to remember yet another user name and password, especially for something I was pretty sure I would never use again after this activity.  To be really honest, I don’t care what the masses think is the most popular and I never have.

I did a couple searches on my employer and the town I live in and didn’t come up with much – and most of that was negative.  I did this because I thought perhaps one could set up a widgit on a library blog to pull up Digg stories about a college or city – but alas, it doesn’t appear there is any way to do that.  You can only narrow it down by very broad topics, most of which are technology or sports related.

Nevertheless, I appreciated the chance to try out this tool – although it’s unlikely to be one I would promote with the rest of our library staff.  We have a Technology Task Force meeting tomorrow, and I wanted to get through Digg, LibWorm, and Google Docs before then as those are three tools we haven’t tried in our own versions of 23 Things.


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