Thing 17: LibWorm

My initial impression on LibWorm, a search engine for over 1500 library/librarian RSS feeds, was – meh.  I did a search on my library and it brought up two job postings that are over a year old (the jobs were filled in September 2008).  Some other searches unfortunately brought up results in Spanish, and I could see no way to eliminate those from the results.  The search mechanism is pretty primitive.

I did see a feed category that might be useful when I get to Thing 21 – Podcasts.  According to the LibWorm About page, “If you browse by the FEED CATEGORY “Podcasts : Academic Libraries,” you see ONLY content from feeds that are podcasts produced by academic libraries. If you browse by the SUBJECT “Podcasting” you’ll get all items that contain the words “podcasting”, “podcasts” or “podcast”.  I’m finding the Subjects to be too broad a search, the Feed Categories too narrow, and the Tags completely useless.

I could see LibWorm as a good starting place for someone looking for relevant feeds to subscribe to, but I feel like I already have enough.  I could also see it as a way for someone starting a new library-related blog to get some free publicity, by registering with LibWorm and submitting the feed.   I’m glad to learn about LibWorm, but beyond North Texas 23, I don’t think I’ll be using it.


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