Thing 19: GoogleDocs

I was aware of GoogleDocs, but until this Thing, I hadn’t really explored them.  Thanks to Gmail and Blogger I’ve had a Google account for some time, and apparently some of my documents had been downloaded out of my Gmail account in the past as GoogleDocs, as they appeared in a list when I hit the link in the North Texas 23 post.   I wasn’t able to find or watch “the short video on the main page for a brief introduction to the Google Docs applications.” – unless it’s GoogleDocs in Plain English.

Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations are all pretty self-explanatory and similar to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint respectively.  I thought Forms might be something similar to Access, but found that it was more of a way to do a survey and then tabulate the responses in a spreadsheet that you could let everyone see.  Watch this video.  Best of all, those who respond to your survey DON’T have to create Google accounts if they don’t want to.

So, I used GoogleDocs Forms to create a brief little questionaire I needed to send to some co-workers:


And, as the results come in, they get tabulated in a spreadsheet:


I thought this was pretty cool!  I can definitely see using this feature in the future, especially since I am the head of the staff training committee at my library.

Not so sure about the rest of GoogleDocs though, mostly because of the requirement to have a Google account.  We’ve used our internal wiki to collaborate on some documents.  I also don’t like the idea of saving my stuff out in cyberspace rather than in my own hard drive or thumb drive.


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