Thing 23: Reflection

What was your favorite or least favorite Thing? What was challenging for you? What did you learn? What new technologies will you use in your library?

My favorite, of course, was LibraryThing, because I’m doing so much with it at work, and because it’s been so rewarding at home.  I also enjoyed playing with different brands (Wetpaint instead of PBworks wikis, Google Reader and Bloglines Beta instead of old Bloglines blog reader) of tools I was already familiar with.

My least favorite tools were Digg and LibWorm, simply because I don’t see a lot of use for them either personally or in my library.  These were both new technologies for me, though, and I enjoyed learning about them.  Fortunately, I didn’t find any of the activities to be too challenging.

Besides those mentioned above, another new thing for me was Google Docs Forms, which I definitely will use, particularly for in-house polling, and nings – although I’m not sure I’ll have much use for the latter. I would like to further explore using instant messaging, podcasts and video tools like YouTube, Animoto and vidcasting in our library, particularly for reference and outreach work and instructional sessions.

Thanks so much to the North Texas 23 leadership team and particularly to Rattlin’ Blogger, my resource person and encourager on that team, for a great experience!


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