A Background on Blogging

1. View this video from the CommonCraft guys that explains blogs “in Plain English” (in less than three minutes!)

2. View this Blog Overview PowerPoint for an overview of a blog’s format and see some examples of different types of blogs you may encounter during this experience.

Activity 1 : Comment on this post, or create a post of your own:
Please tell us a little-known fact or best-kept secret about your library department!

Need help? Click on:

How to leave comments on a Blogger blog.doc for detailed instructions on commenting.  You don’t need a Google account to comment, but please leave your name so you can get credit for participating.


How to post to a Blogger blog.doc for detailed instructions on posting.  You will need to accept Tracy’s invitation to join the blog team and set up a Google account, if you haven’t already, in order to post to this blog.

Feeling more adventurous?

Optional Activity: Create your own blog

Please go to How to set up your own blog for step-by-step instructions.

If you do set up a blog and would like to share it with others, please comment with your blog address below!

Need more help?

Come by the Library Instruction Classroom anytime this Friday, October 24, or next Friday, October 31, between 10 AM and noon, to work with others and get some assistance!


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